NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"


Ladomyriia Ethnopark is a historical and cultural ethnic area, where Ukrainian traditional crafts and skills, architecture, artifacts of the past are revived and displayed in new concepts.

The ethnopark is the result of long-term work undertaken by the NGO “Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn” since 2010.

In 2019, we initiated the process of revitalization of the former industrial enterprise in Radyvyliv, Rivne region, where Ladomyriia is now located.

The team of the ethnopark is dedicated to the research of the culture, life, customs and traditions of Volyn, as a historical and ethnographic region, which covered the territories of modern Rivne, Volyn, part of Lviv, Ternopil, Zhytomyr regions.

Months and sometimes years of work on historical and scientific research, search, analysis and reproduction are invested in every single thing that is represented in Ladomyriia, in each event that takes place here. Therefore, we proudly call the ethnopark the Kingdom of the Real. 

However, Ladomyriia is more than an ethnopark. The Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn, headed by a well-known local philanthropist Volodymyr Dziobak, constantly generates processes aimed at studying and preserving the historical memory of our people:

  • Since 2010 we have been actively reviving the weaving processes and techniques. During this time, we have revived not only the looms, but also the technologies, in particular, the weaving of a unique ultra-fine serpanok and dozens of costumes, which thus became part of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian nation;
  • We constantly perform archaeological explorations of our region;
  • We are engaged in book publishing. We have published the first volume of the multi-volume book “History of Volyn” – the one-of-a-kind thorough study of a particular historical and ethnographic region of Ukraine;
  • We hold events and revive the traditions of celebrating national holidays;
  • We introduced the celebration of the Traditional Costume Day, the geography of which has already covered several regions of Ukraine;
  • We initiate educational events and projects where we share knowledge about Ukrainian traditions and crafts with all comers and attenders

… and even much more.

Our team is formed of enthusiasts who are dedicated to ensuring that Ukrainian history and authenticity take their rightful place in the modern world. Come over to discover the results of our hard work.

You are always welcome to Ladomyriia!