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Women’s costume


Baraniv district, Zhytomyr region. Late 19th, early 20th century.

The costume consists of a shirt, a litnyk, an apron, a krayka, a “kimbalka” cap and a namitka. Interesting fact: all the components of the costume belonged to one woman (complete costume was found in one chest).

Restored from the private collection of Ihor Perevertniuk.

The fabric is made of natural linen and woollen yarn on a traditional loom.

The costume is made in the following techniques:

on the shirt: cutting (vyrizuvannia), planking (nastyluvannia), undercutting (zanyzuvannia), lace (merezhka), “chicken ford” technique (‘kuriachyi brid’ embroidery), folding (ryasuvannia), basting (obmetuvannia), wrinkling (morshchennia);

apron: lace on a grid with planking;

chepets: embroidery with woollen threads and sukhozlit’ embroidery (with metallic threads) “attached”.

Namitka: serpanok.

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