NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"

Women’s festive outfit


Rokytne district, Rivne region, late 19th – early 20th century.

Restored by authentic samples from museum collections.  The outfit includes: a shirt, a skirt, an apron, a namitka and a belt.

The shirt is made of grey, unbleached linen cloth. It is decorated with “zavolochena” embroidery, transverse stripes of geometric ornaments on the sleeves, inserts (‘ustavka’), cuffs, armhole and hem.

“Saian” skirt, woven from woollen, multi-coloured checkered yarn.

The “khvartukh” linen apron is decorated with embroidery with geometric ornaments.

The “nametka” (namitka) is made of homespun linen cloth, decorated with stripes of embroidered geometric patterns at the ends.

The belt “kraika” is woven in lengthwise stripes of coloured wool.

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