NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"

Women’s wedding outfit


Kamin – Kashyrskyi district, Volyn region, early 20th century.

Restored by authentic samples from museum collections.

The shirt is made by ‘ustavka’ cut (with inserts), the inserts and the sleeves are decorated with embroidery with red and black ‘zapoloch’ (threads), with geometric patterns.

The skirt “kruzhnik” is woven of linen and woollen yarn, sewn from one cloth, on the belt it is densely gathered in folds “zbirka/zborka”, on the bottom decorated with silk ribbons and lace “karunky”.

The apron is made of homespun linen cloth. In the middle part it is decorated with a strip of embroidery with geometric ornament. The embroidered strip on both sides is decorated with decorative folds “rubchyky”.

The belt “krayka” is woven of woollen yarn with lengthwise multi-coloured stripes. The tassels are at the ends of the belt.

The wreath consists of artificial flowers, leaves and beads.

The set includes: a shirt, a skirt “apron”, an apron “khvartushyna”, a shawl and a krayka.

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