ГО “Центр дослідження та відродження Волині”

Ceremonial dress of the “marriage broker” or “matchmaker”


Ratniv district, Volyn region. The beginning of the 20th century.

Restored by authentic samples from museum collections.

Restored according to the original samples from the museum collections.

The set of the “kramnyna” outfit includes: a shirt, a skirt, an apron, a namitka, “bryzhi” headdress and krayka.

The shirt is made of cotton fabric of manufactory production. The sleeves, armholes and each ustavka are decorated with coloured satin applique and embroidery (“vochy” pattern).

The “apron” skirt is sewn from factory fabric and decorated with transverse stripes, gathered in “faldy” folds.

“Prytulka” apron is sewn from the single cloth. It is gathered in small folds on the belt. The bottom is decorated with colourful ribbons.

“Plat” namitka is a towel-like headdress, decorated with applique stripes at the ends. It used to be tied in the traditional way over a “kybalka” wooden hoop.

“Bryzhi” (or shirr) is a part of the matchmaker’s headdress. It is made of linen, factory fabrics, tiny glass beads and bunches of dyed rooster feathers. A similar version of the “kramnyna” costume was widely used in the villages of the former Lelykiv volost (district), Kovel district, Volyn province. The northern part of the volost now administratively belongs to Kobryn district, Brest region.

Sizes: 36 – 42.

Sale of the separate elements of the costume is available.

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