NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"

Women’s festive outfit


Dubno district, Rivne region, early 20th century.

Restored by authentic samples from museum collections.  The outfit includes: shirt, skirt, apron, shawl and ‘krayka’.

The shirt is made of white-grey, semi-bleached linen fabric. The sleeves, each ‘ustavka’, cuffs and collar are decorated with transverse embroidered stripes with floral motifs.

The skirt is woven of woolen yarn, decorated with a wide strip of velvet.

LInen “round” apron with “shlyarka” is decorated with embroidery with floral ornaments.

The shawl is made of home-woven linen cloth, decorated with red stripes and fringes at the ends. The “krayka” belt is woven in lengthwise stripes of coloured wool.

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