NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"


Guided tours in “Ladomyriia” are always exciting, authentic and extremely interesting and beneficial in terms of knowledge.

An hour and a half of the tour cover all the available attractions of the ethnopark:

  • skansen (open-air museum);
  • weaving workshop;
  • exhibition hall of authentic costumes;
  • workshop-space;
  • austeria.

In the open-air museum, you will get an overview of the architecture of Ukraine in the 19th century and see the life of our ancestors. Then you will visit a weaving workshop, learn about the technology of manufacturing fabric and clothing. In the exhibition hall, you will see dozens of recreated authentic costumes, and then you will be invited to try on some of the clothes, and, try yourself as a weaver, working at a real loom, yet guided and supported by the masters.

After a very busy trip, we invite all our guests to Austeria – an authentic inn, where you can enjoy authentic dishes recreated and adapted from ancient, almost forgotten recipes of Volyn dwellers.


If you like not only to observe but to turn every single thing into an exciting adventure – LadoQuest has been created for you!

In the quest, the ethnopark becomes your game field, where you will find a bunch of riddles, surprises and joy from the answers found.

LadoQuest is a challenging game for both teenagers and adults, however, according to the peculiarities and wishes of the group, we adapt the game.

Oleksii37 y.o.
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I visited Ladomyriia twice by now. And the second time it was as interesting as the first time because the guides always add something new and exciting to their stories.
Maryna29 y.o.
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I am obsessed with Ukrainian culture and history. And in Ladomyriia it just unfolded before my eyes in all its beauty. All these unique elements of clothes, craftswomen, whitewashed old-style houses... Everything is like a hundred years ago!
Yuliya12 y.o.
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We had a tour with our class to Ladomyriia. I thought it would be another boring day out excursion, but I really liked it. I tried weaving for the first time, and I loved the varenyky (dumplings). All my classmates enjoyed the tour!
Bohdan Ivanovych62 y.o.
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I am professionally engaged in ethnography, and therefore I could not miss a new place in Ukraine, where one can see different artefacts, architecture, clothes. I was impressed by how responsible the organizers are while caring for every detail they recreate. Be it a button or a roof of a house. Much respect and gratitude to you for this essential work!

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