NGO "Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn"



One of the priorities of the Centre for Research and Revival of Volyn is the popularization of Volyn’s history. Taking the historiographic study of the issue, the latest research on this topic dates back to the 19th century. Therefore, the Centre has created a team of authors who are working on writing a 5-volume issue of the “History of the Great Volyn” (from ancient times to 1991). No other historical or ethnographic region of Ukraine has had such a grounded work yet.

As of today, the first volume published is devoted to the prehistory of Volyn, which is revealed by means of archaeology science, which reconstructs the most ancient human era on the basis of the remains of human activity found by archaeologists. Many mounds, ancient settlements, sites have been investigated on the territory of Historic Volyn for a long time. It allowed us to explore the lifestyle of locals on these lands in ancient times.

The contributors to Volume 1 are leading Ukrainian archaeologists and historians of the 21st century: Kateryna Buniatian, Leonid Zalizniak, Deonizii Kozak, Yurii Kukharchuk, Oleksandr Pozikhovskyi, Bohdan Pryschepa, Volodymyr Sobchuk, Iryna Voronchuk (editor).

The 283 illustrations and 8 large-format inserts with maps created by the “Ukrainian Cartographic Group” under the leadership of Rostyslav Sossa are of particular value in the book. In the issue, you will find interesting and comprehensible insights into life in Volyn from the beginning of its settlement: from the end of the Early Paleolithic to the early Slavic period (included).

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